4 Types Of Instagram Collaborations

Hi Instagrammers, sorry! Hi people! You might be tired of scrolling through Instagram's uncountable posts, reels, memes etc, but thank god you could come here to read this blog. Scrolling through Instagram all day is a fun activity and we also get to know a lot of new things, but have you ever wondered how awesome it would be if you could earn through Instagram or get an Instagram collaboration offer from your favourite brand? Life would be so good, right? Don’t just imagine the good life, grab a pen and notebook and start taking notes because in this blog we are spilling the beans on the types of collaborations in Instagram that you could get. 

Why are Instagram collaborations so hyped? 

Instagram has become the ideal social networking platform for many users (Not just because it is entertaining and you could spend hours on it without getting bored, but also because it is offering you a plethora of opportunities to grow and build your career successfully through different types of collaboration on Instagram).

Not just for creators, but also for companies, this platform has seen tremendous growth. Since a few months ago, Instagram has also made it possible for viewers to distinguish between branded collaborations and unbranded ones using the 'Paid Partnership' tag. However, there are various kinds of collabs, and each one serves a unique function (that means more opportunities for you!)

The 4 types of collaborations on Instagram you need to know

A collaboration from your favourite brand for an influencer feels like they have hit a jackpot. We have already written a blog on how you can get collaboration offers from your favourite brand in this blog on our website - How to reach out to clients for brand collaboration. Do check it out to get to know the basics of influencer marketing and collaboration. 

Now, let us tell you the 4 types of Instagram collaborations - 

  • Paid collaboration- 

The number one type of collaboration had to be the “Paid” one. But jokes apart, Paid collaboration is a dream for many influencers (and we don’t wonder why). 

For those of you who don’t know what paid collaboration is, here’s the big reveal - Collaboration with brands and services in exchange for money is essentially what is meant by paid or sponsored partnerships. Now, Instagram has made it possible to disclose this paid partnership to the users through its “Paid Post Tag”. This label can be used on Lives, Posts, IGTV, Stories, everywhere! 

How to identify such posts? 

Such posts will generally have a #Ad to signify it’s a sponsored post.

  • Barter collaboration - 

The widely known and the most common type of collaboration in the entire world would be this. There once was a time when people used to barter things to get the things they needed. Well in the influencer marketing world, the barter period is going on. You get the products to market and you post for that product on your social media. But it’s not that simple - A barter collaboration is all about experiencing the product or the service and reviewing it to the audience. The word experience is of major importance here because on the basis of your experience and review, your audience will treat the product accordingly. There is no need to mention that - money is not involved in this process. 

How to identify such posts? 

These posts have #Barter or #SuppliedBy as their hashtags.

  • Gifting collaboration - 

What is marketing without a little image building? Since time immemorial people have been giving something for free as a goodwill or impression building process. The same is happening in today’s world but in a tactful manner. The number of influencers and creators are increasing every day and so it requires the brands to do something extra to stand apart from their competitors. Gifting collaboration is all about a creator receiving a special package from a brand as a sweet gesture. And before you ask - Why? Here’s the answer - This is due to the creator’s credibility! 

Creators should always communicate with their audience whether they like the gifted thing or not on their social media handles. 

How to identify such posts? 

Such stories and posts have the hashtag #Gifted.

  • Sourcing collaboration - 

There are times when creators need products just for a limited period of time. And this is when the sourcing collaboration comes into the picture. What a sourcing collaboration exactly is? A sourcing collaboration is where the products are given on a returnable basis only. How many times do we see an influencer source an outfit from a high-end brand for a special occasion? Quite a lot of times honestly. 

How to identify such posts? 

When a brand’s products are being used they are always given credit for it, either in the captions or the post itself.

Summing it all up - 

We feel collaborations have become an important component of Instagram, don’t you all agree too? 

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