5 Best Indian Lifestyle Vloggers on YouTube 2023

YouTube is the second biggest social media platform. According to Statista, Youtube users will reach up to 833.03 million by 2025 in India, which means that there will be more content consumption for free.

Lifestyle vlogging is the most popular category in India after COVID hit India in 2020. Youtube audiences are more likely to watch vlogs, and content creators have seen significant increases in subscribers.

To people who are still not aware about Lifestyle vlogging. Lifestyle vlogging is the genre of video content in which the vlogger shares everything that occurs in their daily life. The word “Lifestyle” denotes daily activities like cooking, travelling, dressing up, and other facets of these vloggers' personal lives.

In recent years, vlogging has become more popular. The list below includes all of the well-known Indian YouTubers, along with a popularity rating for each. Read more to learn more about them.


Sourav Joshi @Sourav Joshi Vlogs - 16.5M subscribers


Sourav Joshi is India's no 1 vlogger with 16.5 million subscribers on his vlogging channel, Sourav Joshi Vlogs. 

Those who don’t know him, he is a sketch artist. He is 22 years old and is currently living in Haryana.

The amazing fact that makes his success so huge is that he is the youngest among the top 10 vloggers in India. 

Despite being the most popular on YouTube, he is so simple and down to earth. He really has the heart of an artist. Before being a Youtuber, he was an artist. He has gained recognition as the finest drawing artist and then engages his audience through daily Vlogs.

He is loved for many reasons, but his values towards his family and his dedication to his work make him unique among the best vloggers in india. At this very young age, he is so responsible and hard-working. 


Gaurav Taneja @flyingbeast - 7.67M subscribers


Everybody knows Flying Beast, aka Gaurav Taneja. He is a former captain of Air Asia and a fitness enthusiast. Now, the captain-turned-content-creator is studying law at Delhi University.

He was the most viewed content creator in the year 2020 and is the fastest growing youtube channel in 2022. The followers suddenly shot up when he shared his issues with Air Asia. And from there, this content creator is still in the news here and there.

Apart from the controversy, the content creator has managed to do every possible creativity with his content. 

In 2022, he got an opportunity to participate on a national television show - Smart Jodi which has opened his doors to collaborate with many celebrities. 

And this type of content helped him gain engagement. The most unique fact about this content creator is that he is attached to his Indian roots and is true to his audience, and that is what makes him India's top vlogger.

He has two more channels. One is Muscle TV, which is a fitness channel, and the other one is Rashi ke Papa, which is a gaming channel. 

Both channels have more than a million subscribers.


Nikhil Sharma @mumbiker nikhil - 3.93 M Subscribers


Nikhil Sharma, also known as Mumbiker Nikhil is a moto vlogger from Powai, Mumbai. He is a lifestyle vlogger, travel and fitness enthusiast. He loves to travel on his bike, the BMW GSA 1250. He also owns an Audi Q7. To those who are not familiar with Nikhil Sharma, He was a former cabin crew member for Qatar Airways. 

He started his journey on Youtube in 2016 with the longest moto vlogging from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. 

He was accompanied by his longtime love interest, Shanice Shrestha, now his wife. Both got married in Goa on January 30th, 2021.

He has bagged many awards in the field of social media influence.

In 2019, he won MTV India and IWMBuzz Awards for "Vlogger Of The Year 2019." 

He won two Fiama Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards in 2021 for best blogger of the year.

He has a major audience of ages between 14 and 30. He gives good advice which he has learnt from the situations in his life.

He shows funny snippets of him and his mother's conversation. But sometimes, the audience starts making snappy comments and making unfavourable remarks on his videos. He takes these comments seriously and shares his views with his audience in the vlogs. He loves recording his life on camera, and we enjoy seeing him. We admire his wonderful journey of lifestyle vlogs on Youtube! 


Gaurav Chaudhary @Gaurav Chaudhary - 5.18M subscribers


Gaurav Chaudhary, also known as "Technical Guruji," is a popular tech YouTuber and social media influencer who specialises in technology. He is Indian but is now based in Dubai. He earned his B.tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering in India before moving to Dubai for his M.tech. He has a surveillance security business in Dubai. He started his Youtube journey in October 2015. 

His Youtube videos gained popularity as he dedicated his videos to the people who speak Hindi. He has a few more Youtube channels, which are Technical Guruji and TG2.0. He films his daily life on his vlogging channel, Gaurav Chaudhary. He has given Indian YouTubers who do not speak English access to tech-based arenas. 


Mohammed Salim Khan @ MSKvlogs - (1.68 M Subscribers)

He is a motor, lifestyle, and travel vlogger from Mumbai. He travels long distances on his bike, Tiger, and films his journey. He also shows glimpses of popular places. He uploaded his first video on June 25th, 2016. In those 6 years, he has established himself as an established social media influencer. He has a great audience that is not constrained to any particular place. He has subscribers all over the world. Recently, he was awarded as the Cultural Ambassador of the Government of India, which is very good news for his subscribers. He has also earned many awards in the field of social media influence, and it was as a result of his consistent efforts at work. He is now planning to do a 6-month dream tour with his team, which is going to be bigger than ever. He has also bagged some suburban brand collaborations, which include My Protein.

So these are the influencers who have marked their presence on Youtube heavily. They have made huge efforts in the field of content on social media. These content creators give value to the subscribers in different ways, and we recognise their contributions and feature them on Nicoya.

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