Top 10 Indian Fitness Influencers Crushing It On Instagram

As more and more brands are employing influencer marketing to attract the potential customers, there has been a rise in the categories of influencers. One of the fastest growing niches of influencers remains Fitness.

In this blog we are telling you the top 10 fitness influencers from India that are totally rocking on Instagram.

Top Fitness Influencers In India

The importance of fitness is well-known and has been talked about for decades. But ever since we have been in the endless lockdowns because of the pandemic, all of us have been searching the internet for new and lesser-known options for attaining fitness. With the increasing awareness about the importance of maintaining fitness, the fitness industry has been booming with fitness influencers being in demand.

Masses have turned to fitness influencers on social media platforms to follow their workout regimes, and so have businesses reaching out to their potential prospects. Whether you wish to find the motivation to exercise, or looking for a personalised fitness regime or are on the lookout for a fitness influencer for your brand, Let’s dive right in without further ado!

After two years of a pandemic and deteriorating health, it is time we take our fitness in our own hands. With the help of some of the best Indian fitness influencers on Instagram, we can begin, or better our fitness journey.

1. Guru Mann - 4.5Million followers

Guru is regarded as the innovator in offering free fitness sessions as part of his personal mission to make India physically fit as a fiddle. He posts a variety of fitness videos, diet plans, etc. Every level of fitness is covered by Guru's training and diet plans, from absolute beginners to experts. He is an expert who is not only a professional trainer.

2. Ranveer Allahabadia - 2.1 Million followers

Ranveer was always aware of his desire to work in the fitness industry. Ranveer's feed is bursting at the seams with advice, inspiration, and good vibes! You'll have a good feeling and be inspired to do better! He values continuing a conversation with his audience in both directions.

3. Sangram B. Chougule - 1.4 Million followers

Sangram has won a number of competitions, including the gold medal at the 2014 "6th World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship," the titles of "Mr. Universe" in 2012, "Mr. World" in both 2012 and 2014, as well as "Mr. India" six times and "Mr. Maharashtra" five times. His training sessions are frequently documented in images on his feed. In Maharashtra, Sangram has established a chain of gyms where he teaches aspiring bodybuilders.

4. Vikram Jadhav - 1 Million followers

Vikram, 24, was crowned "Mr. India 2019" and "Mr. Marathwada." A silver medal was also awarded to him at the national junior bodybuilding competition. Vikram has appeared in a number of publications, including "The Cine Talk," "IBTimes India," "The Asian Age," "Free Press Journal," "Kathmandu Tribune," and "United News Of India." Even his chain of gyms has been established. Vikram is a genuine fitness influencer.

5. Sunit Jadhav - 851K followers

Sunit Jadhav is a professional bodybuilder who has won the titles of "Mr. India Overall Champion" three times, "Mr. Asia Overall Champion" once, "Mumbai Shree" in 2014, "Maharashtra Shree" three times, and "Mr. Dubai International" once. His Instagram page is a goldmine of exercise regimens and diet plans, and he is blazing a new path for aspiring bodybuilders.

6. Rohit Khatri - 590K followers

Rohit is a sports science nutritionist. His social media messages encourage young people to begin their fitness journeys and practice better health maintenance. He serves as a model for everyone.

With his 4-week, 8-week, 12-week, and 6-month programmes, Rohit offers online body transformation coaching. He has published several articles showcasing the physical changes his clients have seen thanks to his methods. To inspire his fans, this expert shared footage of his 8-week and 150-day physical transformations.

7. Namrata Purohit - 410K followers

Namrata is a well-known fitness influencer and expert who has several firsts to her name, including being the first qualified "Boogie Bounce" master instructor in India, a licenced

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) instructor, and a licenced Barre Instructor. She also competed in numerous jumping and equestrian contests, played squash at the national and international levels, and played football at the state level.

Namrata wants everyone to be active and healthy, and she is doing her part by operating studios in different Indian cities. Her book exhorts readers to get up off the couch and begin their journey to health. You can discover a number of fresh exercises and training methods by browsing this fitness influencer's Instagram feed.

8. Pranit Shilimkar - 118K followers

Pranit has been acknowledged as Pune's first and youngest master trainers head! Pranit has always envisioned himself as a personal trainer since he sees health as a long-term investment. Pranit has collaborated with a number of well-known people who attest to his abilities. The Instagram feed of this fitness influencer is jam-packed with educational, inspirational, and instructional material. He interacts with his fans by giving them advice, motivation, and diet regimens.

9. Kunal Rajput - 49.6k followers

One of the most prominent fitness influencers of recent years, Kunal is the creator of The Movement in Mumbai and a certified coach with the Nike Training Club. Kunal uploads workout plans including a list of the exercises he's doing, along with the reps and sets for each activity. Additionally, he emphasises the significance of mental wellness. As well as emphasising the importance of stretching and cooling down after a workout, you will frequently find blogs recommending that you take a break from time to time to rest. Due to the pandemic's closure of gyms and studios, he founded Unlock, a virtual training facility. In addition to being a trainer, Kunal is also the founder of a podcast and the author of the book "Fitness Simplified."

10. Neha Khincha - 12.7K followers

Neha, a lawyer and chartered accountant by profession, didn't allow her job to get in the way of what she truly loved: exercising. The Instagram account of this fitness influencer is jam-packed with instructional and workout plans to assist others in becoming fitter and healthier. Her blogs describe each workout routine in detail, including the order of the exercises, the number of reps and sets required for each exercise, and the link to the exercise videos that go along with each post. Neha incorporates acro yoga, weightlifting, parkour, and yoga into her workouts.


We Hope That Helped!

We hope this blog was helpful for you to know about the top 10 best influencers of India today.

Indians are becoming more health conscious and willing to try new types of exercise. The importance of maintaining excellent health is becoming more and more clear to us. For trainers and other fitness-related businesses, this is fantastic news. Fitness influencers are today's celebrities, and social media has replaced newspapers.

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