Macro Vs Micro-Influencers: How To Make The Right Choice

Brands generally get confused as to whether they should employ a Macro or a Micro-Influencer for amplifying their product/services on social media. But honestly, it is a simple task and just depends upon a few basic parameters, abiding by which you will be able to make the right choice every time.

But before telling you these, let us understand the difference between Macro and Micro-Influencers. 

Macro Vs Micro-Influencers: The real MVP!

Macro Influencers are generally traditional influencers who are well known in their area of expertise. They may come from a variety of fields such as celluloid, sports, music, dance, and basically any celebrity that has a large fan following. The fans of the macro-influencers are not restricted to a small or restricted arena. 

The only setback with macro-influencers is that their rate of engagements with their followers is not very high most of the time. It totally depends upon the activeness of the influencer, which is a personal take on their psyche. 

Micro-influencers, on the contrary, can be active members of a community, local experts, a person who as a fan has gained a certain fan base, etc. They are basically people who are super popular in a certain region. 

These influencers engage with their followers on a regular basis and therefore, the engagement rate is quite high in their case. Since they are so connected, the followers form a personal bond with them and stick by the influencer more loyally. 

So who is better?

Both the Macro and the Micro-Influencers can prove to be useful in their respective domains. Just as you cannot use a sword in place of a pin, you cannot use the two of them interchangeably. There are certain parameters by which you could choose the right influencer for yourself. 


The parameters to make the right choice

  1. You should be well aware of the requirements of your brand. The identity of your brand demands an influencer that can resonate with the idea. For instance, imagine you own an Ayurvedic shampoo brand. You would thus not reach out to a food blogger and influencer, right? 
  2. Having a fair idea about the reach of your brand also plays a vital role. If your brand is functioning on a small scale then you would only want to advertise in a particular region only. For this, a Micro influencer would turn out to be a better choice.  
  3. If you know your target audience, you have won half of the battle. You should be well aware of the exact audience who will benefit from your product/services. Once you know your audience, you can go ahead and select an influencer who has a large fan following from the same audience that you are targeting. 
  4. You should also be well aware of the kind of content you want the influencer to create for your brand. This would help you to choose the right influencer who specialises in that arena. Influencers and brands should be on the same page regarding the content.

With these things in mind, you can search for an influencer according to your needs. The impact of the two types of influencers can differ from time to time and also with situations. However, with Micro-influencers, the brands get direct feedback from the customers via feedback taken by the influencer. This forms a two-way communication with the brand promoting its product and the customers giving their feedback, both of which are happening through the influencer.  This is hard to achieve with a Macro-influencer. The brands get more engagement from a faithful audience when they employ a Micro-influencer. 

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