List Of Influencer Marketing Platforms In India

"Influencer Marketing" has become the buzzword. You might have heard this word quite a few times in the past few years while talking to a marketing enthusiast, and we have also shed a lot of light on this topic for you in the past.

It is a fact that when an influencer and a brand collaborate, they make huge waves in their particular niche. The power of influencer marketing has worked wonders for a lot of brands. It goes the other way round too. A lot of influencers have achieved the highest highs of their careers after collaborating with the right brand. This means that influencer marketing is beneficial for both parties. But the bridge that connects these two islands is the most important aspect. And that bridge is influencer marketing platforms.

In this blog, we are going to list down the top influencer marketing platforms in India that are helping brands and influencers to connect and collaborate. 

Why do you need to register on an influencer marketing platform? 

Registering yourself on an influencer marketing platform can be your best decision. No matter whether you are a brand or an influencer, registering yourself with an influencer marketing platform can help you in multiple ways. 

  1. Brands and influencers can find each other on the platform.
  2. Brands can search for an influencer based on the requirements, follower count, etc.
  3. Influencers can also reach out to their favourite brands and collaborate with them.
  4. Influencer marketing platforms will help you track your performance on a particular post.
  5. The platform makes sure that the deal between an influencer and a brand is totally transparent.

List of top influencer marketing platform 2022 

Here is the complete list of the top influencer marketing platforms for the year 2022.


Nicoya is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform that bridges the gap between influencers and brands in just a few simple steps. The main feature of Nicoya is that it is a data-driven influencer marketing platform that is fueled by AI. With more interesting features, it provides a 360-degree influencer marketing solution for you. 

2. Grin 

According to Grin, influencer marketing is simply marketing to influencers. The primary area of interest for Grin is eCommerce companies with interfaces into some of the top shopping platforms. Influencers from Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are included in Grin's searchable database.

3. Plixxo 

This platform also features a sizable number of influencers. The chance to sign up for paid campaigns established by the brands is available to bloggers, YouTubers, Tiktok video creators, celebrities, Facebook influencers, Instagram influencers, Twitteratis, and college/university/school campus influencers.

4. Grynow Media 

The company has a sizable creator/influencer base. If a brand partners with this company, all the major social media channels, including TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., are covered. The majority of influencers specialise in one area, such as gaming, fitness, career consulting, cosmetics, fashion, cuisine reviews, lifestyle, furnishings, etc.

5. Cofluencer 

Confluencer supports brands' influencer marketing initiatives in India by working with them. They have experience working in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, education, food and beverage, banking and finance, and e-commerce.

6. Brand Mentions 

Brands can use this social media monitoring tool to locate influencers who can help them grow their business. They have examined client feedback and mentions for a number of well-known, quickly expanding businesses.

7. Upfluence 

Upfluence is a self-serve platform that sets its prices at a level that small and medium-sized enterprises can afford. It makes use of a sizable content library that is dispersed among blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Businesses can use the database to seek influencers who meet their unique requirements. Businesses can delve deep into the data to locate the influencers best suited to their needs.

8. #paid 

Traditional influencer marketing models are far away from what #paid does. It was one of the first platforms to target advertising for the various stages of your sales funnel. Influencers, in the opinion of #paid, should provide engaging content and complement a business. Reach is not nearly as significant as this.

To end with: 

Influencer marketing is booming and is expected to become one of the most popular methods for acquiring new customers in the future. So don’t miss out on your chance to grow in your field.