Influencer Marketing Case Study : How Scitron became Shikhar Dhawan's Favourite Protein Powder Brand?

As the title suggests, in this blog we are decoding Scitron’s marketing strategy to become India’s best sports and nutrition supplement brand and how it is grabbing the biggest influencers like Shikhar Dhawan.

The beginning! : Analysing the Brand’s Core Idea

Scitron is a world reference in the sports and nutrition supplement niche. It has become a known name in the niche within a short span of time because of its world-class products and authentic products.

Scitron was started in 2018 by Mr. Ravi Rohra. His aim was simple: he was introducing a brand that provided an accessible, high-quality, and distinctive range of products that would change people's perceptions of whey protein.

How did Scitron beat its competitors?

Scitron’s unique set of products is its USP. With the raw materials that are imported from the world’s best raw material provider, Glanbia Nutrition, and the seal of authenticity from the biggest certification labs and certification providers, Eurofins and Labdoor, Scitron has been moving ahead on the path of providing the most genuine products that are manufactured in India.

What specifically helps Scitron in creating buzz?

Scitron has constantly been doing influencer marketing, and with this recent marketing technique, it has been able to maximise its customer base. A plethora of influencers ranging from micro to macro influencers have been part of Scitron’s various campaigns. To know more about macro and micro-influencers, give this blog a read. Scitron believes that influencer marketing has worked best for the brand, and it relies heavily on it as a major part of its marketing strategy.

Why is influencer marketing the most important part of marketing campaigns?

Influencers market a product in their own ways and the audience of the influencer, which trusts the influencer also notices the brand. When an influencer constantly speaks for a brand after trying the product themselves, the audience’s trust is built for the brand and its product. Influencers influence their followers and their life and when this influencer recommends something to them, the followers certainly trust the influencer’s word and try that product out. To know the exact strategy, head up to this blog on “Grow your brand with the right influencer marketing strategy.

Scitron has worked with the well-known faces of India to reach the maximum

Well-known celebrities have been promoting Scitron, which has helped the brand come under the national spotlight. Actors like Arjun Kapoor, cricketers like Shikhar Dhawan, and models like Asim Riaz are some of the names on the list of such influential faces.

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