How to reach out to clients for Brand Collaboration

Influencers hold the power to affect the purchase decisions of others. If you have a colossal fan following, it is writ large that a lot of brands might be approaching you for collaborations. Collaborating with influencers to reach their target audience is the latest avenue of marketing that the brands have taken on. This kind of marketing is very similar to the traditional “word-of-mouth” marketing. The only difference here is that through the influencers and their fan base, the parole reaches a lot of people altogether.

Getting offers for brand collaborations is no great shake! 

An influencer starts getting deals from brands for collaboration from an early stage onwards when they are still on the path of building themselves up as a strong personality amongst their followers. So basically it's not a big deal if a brand is approaching you. The real action happens when one of your favorite brands approaches you for a collaboration. It is a sweet fantasy for all the influencers, but the reality may burst your cheerful bubble of aspirations. Big brands don’t usually approach an influencer unless they are either super famous in their circle or have a large fan-following. Having said that, it is not necessary that if you fulfil either, or for that matter even both of those unsaid criteria, your favorite brand might completely dodge you. This might be a comedown for you but people have been trying other methods. 

The outlandish - 

You are a social media star and instead of losing hope, you could use social media to make yourself visible to your favorite brands. The next best step you could take is to visit all the social media handles of the brand you are interested in working with and try to find a clue or an email id on which you could send in interests for a collaboration, or you could simply just send a DM and ask if they are interested too. But you know what? Big brands are not like small businesses wherein you write “pp” under one of the posts or DM them and they will answer within 24-48 hours. So that means that you can absolutely never be able to approach your favorite brand for a collaboration? Absolutely NO!  There are still some very practical ways in which you can fulfil your wish of working with the brands of your choice. 

Saving the day - 

“Your wish is our command” and therefore, the practical solution for your problem is established by NICOYA. Nicoya is an all-encompassing multi-platform influencer marketing solution that helps you to grow your reach and visibility in a lot of different ways. In the case we are discussing, Nicoya can help you reach your favorite brand by reverse-engineering the entire process of influencer marketing. This function is called NICOYA BIDS. This is a revolutionary feature in the Indian Marketing Industry. Generally brands spot an influencer and approach them but at Nicoya, you as an influencer can reach out to the brand you are interested in working with. So Nicoya has bridged the gap between influencers reaching out to brands, which is a herculean task altogether. Not only this, but you can even send messages to the brands, interchange the drafts, agree on the money without having a middleman, and many more such amazing features. 

So instead of making castles in the air and taking up follow-ups for your emails, and waiting for the golden day when that one brand will finally see your DM or mail, you can simply join Nicoya where you will find all the brands and can easily connect with them. Do check out Nicoya and make your dream of working with your favorite brand come true!