How to get sponsored on Instagram: Your guide to making money.

It is a great feeling for a content creator when their Instagram followers start increasing. But there’s also an added stress on how to get sponsorship on Instagram. People generally don’t know how to proceed and where to put the right efforts to gain maximum traction on their content while leveraging their influence to also earn money. If this uncertainty factor of Instagram sponsorship is making you despondent, we are here to help. 

We are here to tell you everything that you need to know and do, to get sponsorships on Instagram. And here's a little trade secret: it's not that hard for even the relatively smaller accounts too! Here’s how - 

1. Know your audience well - It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to understand what content on your Instagram posts pleases your Target Audience. You must aim to delve deeper and know how to make your posts connect with your Target Audience better with your content. Understand the ways in which you can evoke their emotions based on their age, location, gender, distribution. Instagram sponsorship would become a lot easier when you will clearly explain brands about your followers’ needs and likings. You will receive plaudits from the brands with whom you want to collaborate with, if you will have in -depth understanding of your niche and audience. After doing this, you also need to track the performances of your content.

2. Using Instagram sponsorship apps - There aren’t many apps which will help  you collaborate with marketers and brands to leverage the power of your social handles and monetize your influence. Influencer platforms popularize your name in the influencer shopping marketplace. As a result, brand sponsorships across all the major social media platforms start noticing you.

Nicoya is one of the most effective influencer marketing services. Powered with a range of  interesting features that will help find the right brand for you. You can get in touch with your favorite brand to collaborate for a campaign and also gain visibility in an open market space where potential brands who seek a collaboration can find you, understand your merits and get in touch with you to partner up for a campaign. 

Using platforms like NICOYA, you enable brands to receive in depth analytics about your social media handles which make your case all the more compelling to them. Brands can understand using data, the true worth you hold for them and how you can co-create authentic content and amplify the distribution using your social network.

Nicoya has a lot of other features that you will be able to see on the website. They are currently offering a 1 Year of FREE UTILITY for everyone who registers before 31st March 2022.

3. Contact the brand you like - Getting in touch with your favorite brands can be a great idea to get collaborations. You can also tag their brand name, account or handle with your post. With an influencer’s content idea, you get relevant and genuine sponsorship for your Instagram posts. But if you are unable to get in contact with a brand then you can take the help of a platform like Nicoya which allows you to make that first contact with brands that you genuinely love and want to endorse .

4. Improve engagement rate - When there’s an increased engagement on your Instagram posts, it directly increases your chance to get featured on the Instagram Explore page. This page on Instagram allows influencers to reach people who are not their followers, but view content similar to the kind that they create. A feature of your post on the explore page could turn into a big breakthrough for you. The right content and sticking to the basic Instagram rules would skyrocket your chances of getting better exposure. Additionally, Video content will further help you in increasing the engagement rate - Addition of high-quality video content on your Instagram helps you increase your engagement rate as Instagram has come up with Instagram Stories, IGTV, Reels options  that purely focus on videos. 

5. Be real and authentic - Instagram sponsorship programs require authenticity and realistic-ness. Always make sure to stay true to your followers and post only that content which represents your brand identity in the truest sense. It should always be kept in mind that your followers are the reason behind your growth. Instead of littering your account with posts that are in stark contrast to your identity, choose the ones that retain your visual identity as a creator. 

6. Don't forget to affiliate - Instagram sponsorship is obviously going to help you move ahead if you start early even when you have a small following on your Instagram. But, it is never too late to start. Capitalizing on your social influence generally starts as a side hustle but the kind of freedom of creativity and work ethic, clubbed with the lucrative returns: means that it becomes the primary source of earning for many content creators. 

The Bottom-line: 

With the aforementioned tips for Instagram sponsorship programs, we are sure that your business or brand on Instagram will go a long way. Check out Nicoya to start leveraging your social influence to make an earning out of it and get started on this journey of collaborations with your favorite brands.