Grow Your Brand With The Right Influencer Marketing Strategy

Starting a brand in the era of the Dot-Com Boom is definitely not a big task. Coming up with a big idea to start a brand seems an enjoyable activity but the pick-and-shovel work seems unappealing to most people. Apart from starting the business, it is also important to make sure that your brand grows and the graphs are always soaring. But how would you do that is what you ask? Let us tell you - 

Modern problems require modern solutions! 

To grow your brand, in these times of unsparing competition, you need to glue yourself with certain tried and tested marketing strategies that would prove to be the golden stairs to your brand’s success. A thorough knowledge of the correct strategies and a clear path will lead you in the right direction without getting astray from your goals and objectives. 

The first thing you need to understand is that marketing is like fashion. And it goes without saying that fashion keeps on changing. Today you buy an overcoat in the trendiest of colors and, lo and behold, it’s out of fashion the next day. Believe us or not, marketing is exactly the same. The only difference is that marketing does not change as rapidly as fashion. Marketing techniques do not change overnight like fashion, but you need to make sure that the new marketing strategies should be employed by you to gain the maximum output.  Therefore, the thumb rule for the right marketing is - “Always go with the flow and ride the new waves.” Simply put, never ignore the techniques, strategies, practices and trends that can be used to grow your brand and business!


So, what are the newest marketing strategies? 

Well, putting it simply, the answer to your question is - Influencer marketing!

Influencer marketing is the most trending and profitable marketing strategy that even the biggest of brands are employing. By associating the right influencer with your brand identity, you can make your brand visible to people far and wide or even to a concentrated niche audience. 

Ok, so how to exactly do that might be your next question? Don’t worry we have got you covered! 

Stop throwing darts in the dark!


So you now know which marketing technique to start with.

 Time to unlock the next challenge: overcoming the “How-do-I-do-that?” phase.


For this, you need to know about certain thumb rules before you embark on this journey of influencer marketing for your brand - 

  1. The Planning phase - Lay down a vivid plan with the minutest of details relating to the Objective, the Content you would want from the influencer, the Outcome you are expecting, the time frame, and the budget.
  2. The Discovering phase - Discovering plays an important role now. The influencer with whom you would be working is going to be the face of your brand for that campaign and you cannot take any risks here. Imagine if Osama bin Laden was chosen as the face of the United Nations peace-keeping force? Doesn’t make sense, right? Therefore, you need to join hands with the right influencer to gather traction from your target audience. Not only this, but it is also important for you as a brand to understand that the number of followers should not be the only criteria for choosing an influencer as your representative. Therefore, it is important that you look at how far the influencer and his/her content is resonating with your brand category, engagement rate that the influencer has with his/ her followers, and also the convergence of the brand’s Target Audience with the Influencer’s followers.
  3. The Engaging phase - You need to research the right kind of content your audience would be interested in seeing and re-seeing. Assign your influencer the task to generate content exactly like how you want. This is where the "Trends" in marketing comes into play. Getting the influencer to create content type which is trending and will hit the sweet spot for your Target Audience and would help you in engaging the audience better. Marketing is all about keeping up with “What’s in”. Make sure that you are always up to pace with what the public likes at the time and you’ll never miss out. Also on the sides, keep an original brand story consistently growing to never lose the authenticity and originality of your brand.
  4. The measuring phase - With all the above points done and your campaign executed successfully, you now need to evaluate whether the campaign has been a successful one or not. Keep an eye on the very fine details like engagement rate, CTA response, Lead conversion, traffic diversion to website, likes, views, shares, comments etc. These numbers aren’t just for the sake of it. They act as your guide to preparing a sustainable and long term marketing strategy for your respective brand. You get validation of your creative thoughts, influencer choice & content effectiveness if the numbers are good. And if they aren’t, you know there’s something up. So you have to understand each metric to figure out what went wrong and never repeat the same mistake in the future!


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In case you would like to know more about marketing, you can head over to the LinkedIn profile of Mr. Pratik Wahi, Co-Founder and Partner at Nicoya. He is a marketing aficionado who likes talking about, and imparting knowledge on everything related to Marketing and Brand Building. On his LinkedIn profile, he talks about effective marketing practices and strategies through his content.