Does My Small Business Need Influencer Marketing?

A business no matter whether big or small needs some or the other kind of marketing. Marketing helps your customers realize that your products/services would help them cater to their needs and would gratify them. It also makes sure that the customers understand why your brand is better than your competitors. So whether your business is big or small you do need some kind of marketing. 

Marketing is no new tactic!  

Marketing is no new tactic or technique in the business world. People have been using it for ages to run their businesses. So you don't have to go “out with the old and in with the new”. 

In the earlier times when we did not have the benison of the internet, people still used to employ some kind of marketing techniques. Those techniques included “word-of-the-mouth” marketing, print marketing, relationship building, and discounts and freebies, among many others. As the technologies advanced and every home started having a CRT Television set, we started seeing ads on TVs. The marketing was so strong at that time that some brand names became synonymous for the entire category of products. You must have heard people say “Colgate” instead of toothpaste, a lot of times. Such is the impact of marketing!

How to market today? 

With the advent of the internet and its boom from the past few years, marketing techniques have changed. The internet has become an impetus in growing businesses.  With social media platforms being the most active these days, businesses now have more marketing purview. 

Among the new marketing techniques, the one that is being used the most is Influencer marketing. Influencers have the power to not just alter but to change the consumption patterns of their followers to a comparatively large degree. Through Influencer marketing, you can make your business reach out to people who need your product/services but are unaware of your presence.

You might have noticed that local stores generally use banners or flyers to advertise for their services saying - “First time in your area!” and “Available in the store near you!” Etc. This is a foolproof way in which you draw your potential  customers’ attention towards your product/services that are unique or are the only ones who serve in a particular area. But the modern way of doing it is through Influencer Marketing, which does the same thing in a better way.

However, there are certain rules you need to keep in mind before you plan to contact an influencer - 

  1. Geo- Specific: If your business is small and is active only in a particular area, then the influencer that you must contact should be an active influencer of that area. If a person who is well-aware of an area and the nature of people of that area, he/she is able to influence them better  with the colloquial style. 
  2. Target Audience Demographics: That influencer should have followers who are similar to your target audience. Refer to the image below to understand better.
  3. A well known/ renowned name: The influencer should be famous and should be very active in their respective field. Their content should be relatable to the  target audience and he should be a reliable person in their eyes. This is where things get tricky: It doesn’t mean that a more famous or bigger name is always the right choice. A bunch of Nano or Micro influencers are equally capable of providing similar results compared to what a Macro influencer or a celebrity would do for you, and the total cost of this bunch might even turn out to be significantly cheaper to that of a macro influencer or celebrity. However, achieving this high success rate with “lesser” influencers depends completely on whether you choose the right nano and micro influencers. The more their follower base converges with your target audience the better it is for you. The more they are able to engage their audience the better it is for you. It’s about using your resources wisely if they are limited and THIS IS WHERE DATA & INSIGHTS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND because numbers never lie.

But the question is - how will you find an appropriate influencer for your business and how to contact them? 

Get the right influencer for your business! 

Getting the right influencer can be a challenge. The image of your business would be associated with that influencer and therefore, you just cannot take any risk. So what should you do? Nicoya can help you with this task. Nicoya is an influencer marketing agency that would help you find the right influencers, get in touch with them, make a deal for collaboration, and can even track the engagement rate on the influencer’s post. There are a lot of other benefits that you can avail and make your small business skyrocket. Check out Nicoya to know more and kickstart your influencer marketing journey on the right note. Nicoya is currently offering a 1 Year of FREE UTILITY if you register before 31st March 2022.