A Detailed Guide To YouTube Influencer Marketing Strategy 2022 : Tips For Creators

Being a YouTuber has become a full time job today. Content creation is not as easy as it seems to be. Do you say those three magical words - Like, Subscribe and Share in all of your videos but it is not repaying? Well, in that case you need to do what we tell you and pinky promise, these will help you grow your channel and would also get you more engagement rate. 

Read on to know the secrets of Influencer marketing for YouTubing! 

If flipping a bottle can trend, then so can you! 

A YouTuber starts trending when his/her content is liked by the audience. 

Therefore, Content is still the KING! 

Content matters even today, when literally any video can go up on the trending list if the viewers find it worth seeing again and again. You need to find your niche and start making videos in that niche. YouTube videos are of two kinds :- 

Knowledge based, and Entertainment based.

You need to decide what your niche is, and that type of audience would get attracted to your channel. 

Lack of in depth knowledge would sooner or later land you in a position where you would be out of any more content for your audience. And you would surely not want to look moronic in front of your audience, right? Your expertise in a particular niche would help you in growing your fan-base on YouTube. Even the Three Magical Words - Like, Subscribe and Share would only work when your audience would gain faith in your knowledge to be correct and useful. 

Fun Fact - A viewer becomes a subscriber when he/she likes your content and they press the bell icon, which is a major player in your growth, when they like your content so much that they want to see what more can you offer. 

Ratta Maar (Reiterate) - 

Hammering away at making videos is not enough. You need to feed in your audience’s mind to Like, Share, Subscribe, Comment, and Press the bell icon. By reiterating yourself you are somewhere playing with the psychology of your viewers by feeding this drill in their minds. 

All of the giants of YouTube, still, in every video urge their audience for the same. Because, at the end of the day “You would want more engagement and viewership on your channel.” YouTube influencer search will only increase when you will be able to reach more people. For this you should also optimize your video’s titles and description. People search you through keywords and your job is to be visible to them on those keywords. Simple!

Be a visionary. 

All your life, your elders have taught you - “Beta, door ki socho”, and guess what?, it actually helps! Thinking about the content you will be  presenting to your audience in the  future, based on the response to your current content, would fetch you a lot of advantages. 

If your audience is interested in your content then they would look forward to your videos, and you need to be ready with the content that they want to see. 

PS - This is  a sure shot technique of engaging your audience and getting them to revisit your  channel again and again to get more of what they like to see. How else do you think the biggies of YouTube have reached that position? 

Be Consistent! 


Imagine being a sensation for one day and the next day nobody recognizes you. (We aren’t taking a dig at anyone *wink*) You won’t like that, right? To avoid this, you should be consistent in posting videos, with good content, on your assigned  days and time, to attract your audience. The likes or dislikes of each viewer is dependent on a lot of factors and one such factor is the consistency of the YouTuber. 

All of the above mentioned tips would surely help you in increasing your viewership. But after collecting a big fan base you would, in the process, also need brand collaborations to grow more. 

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